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The Origin Of Rattan Furniture And The Present Use Of Modern Rattan Furniture
- Sep 29, 2017 -

The origin of rattan furniture
Rattan, is a tropical plant growing in Southeast Asia, flexible, wear-resistant, people rely on their own wisdom woven into true rattan furniture. Cany Furniture in summer will give a person a refreshing feeling, and wear-resistant, long service life. In the late 19th century, this exquisite oriental furniture was prevalent in Europe and the United States, and in the late 25 years in a rage.

Second, the development of rattan furniture
True rattan, is flexible and wear-resistant features, but the surface roughness, even if the grinding is difficult to cut into smooth surface, will inevitably stab the skin. Therefore, for a period of time by the gorgeous color of the European furniture replaced.

Third, the status of rattan furniture
Modern, people abandon the gorgeous European furniture, as people gradually enhance environmental awareness and return to the trend of nature, people turned to rattan furniture. With the progress of science and technology, people use imitation rattan instead of the real vine, so as to abandon the surface of the real rattan rough shortcomings, and more wear-resistant than the real vine. In this way, rattan furniture instead of real rattan furniture into our lives.