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Standard For Size Of Dining Table And Chair For Casual Furniture
- Sep 29, 2017 -

Modern people in the purchase of indoor furniture or outdoor leisure furniture table dining chair, often to the standard size of dining tables and chairs to create confusion, this collation of a standard table and chair size parameters for your reference:

Fangtai: 800 mm x800 mm square and 1200 mm x800 mm rectangular table is a commonly used table size. If the chair can be stretched into the bottom of the table, a small corner can also put a six-seat table, eat the table to pull out some of it, this kind of table legs best to shrink into some. Mesa Standard height is about 710-740 millimeters, it is convenient to use, the dining table of outdoor leisure furniture and the size of dining chair are mainly with comfortable leisure.

Round table: If the furniture of Set hall is square, rectangular, can use a round table, then get better space adjustment. One advantage of the round table is that there is a greater latitude in the number of seats. As long as the chair to pull away from the table, you can sit many people, not the square seat at the corner so inconvenient. Round Table diameter 600 mm can sit 2-3 people, 750 mm can sit 4-5 people, 900 mm can sit 5-6 people, 1050 mm can sit 6-7 people, 1200 mm can sit 8-9. In general, small and medium sized units and families, the size of the dining room, such as 1200 mm is often too large, can be ordered a 1050 mm round table, the same can sit 8-9 people, but looks more spacious space. If you use more than 900 millimeters of rice table, although can sit many people, but not placed too much fixed chair. If you put 8 chairs in a 1200-millimeter table, it's very crowded. 4-6 chairs can be put on the folding.

Opening and closing stage: Also known as the extension of the table, can be a 900 mm square or 1050 mm round table into 1350-1700 mm long or oval table, very suitable for small and medium-sized units in peacetime and human use. When you choose to pay attention to its mechanical structure, opening and closing to smooth, smooth, easy to take timely alignment for good, the extension of the table is the key parts of the extension guide, the material of the guide rail accessories must choose aluminum alloy.

Dining chair: Dining Chair Seat height is 430 mm-480 mm, will be more comfortable. The seat is too high too low, eating is not comfortable, so it is not appropriate to sit on the sofa to eat. Some dining chairs make 50-millimeter cushions, and there are snake-shaped catapults, but not as comfortable as the chairs mentioned above.