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How To Choose A Pool Lounge Chair? Swimming Pool Lounge Chair Normal Size
- Sep 29, 2017 -

The arrival of summer, we have gradually become more frequent swimming. Swimming tired want to rest is must have a comfortable pool lounge chair, in order to enjoy the fun of swimming. A pool lounge chair allows you to enjoy a comfortable life throughout the year. So what kind of pool lounge chair is more comfortable?

The Pool lounge chair can be divided into: solid wood chair, plastic chair, imitation Rattan lounge chair.
Solid wood Recliner is a natural material, more able to show a quality of life, but the wood chair is not easy to dry after wet, so the wood lounge is usually used in indoor swimming pool.
Plastic chairs are easy to fold, easy to carry, and do not have to consider rainwater.
There is a kind of rattan lounge chair, this kind of couch shape like rattan chair, but the material is PE cane. Can show the quality of life, in the outdoors without worrying about rain.
Introduction to the size of the pool lounge chair

Wood chairs are usually the best choice for clubs, courtyards and other swimming pools, with a general size of 191*65*30cm. Wood is the anti-corrosion treatment, with Anti-ultraviolet, anti-cracking, skin and other characteristics, outdoor use year-round deformation.

The plastic recliner is no doubt the choice of a simple recliner in a pool. The plastic chair itself is very strong, bearing heavy weight, not easy to rupture, generally speaking, the size of the plastic swimming pool Lounge chair is 127*58*72cm. The reason why the plastic recliner is suitable for a simple swimming pool is that this kind of recliner is inexpensive.

Imitation rattan chair very humanized design, advocating is a comfortable, healthy, warm furniture concept. Smooth surface, good flexibility, size for 71*204*56cm. This swimming pool lounge chair is easy to clean, very green and healthy.